30 March 2005

Trouble Living la Vida Loca?

Don't be frightened, I'm not selling you some drugs for some obscure reasons.

I live in a big city, we have everything that's absolutely necessary in order to survive the harsh condictions of the modern urban battlefield. There's no shortage of the latest cellphone with cameras or whatever fantastic gadgets they put out everyweek with great puntuality that put even the German and the Japanese to shame, all the hottest CDs, coolest movies with the most astonishing special effects the history has ever seen.

The 7-11 is at every corner, 5 minute walk. And we're so fond of our scooters and cars that we seize every single chance we have to let them roam the streets with their mighty roar. With 90km/h we arrived in our destination in just 3 seconds, enter (2 seconds), buy a beer (15 seconds), get out (2 seconds) and another 3 second journey back home. The total operation took less than half a minute, geezus, nature calls? Dude, I'm in a bloody hurry, you know.

But hurry for what? Hurry to go back home and watch TV? Hurry because you don't like going out because it is boring and disappointing while staying home and surfing the net will make such a life and death difference? You browse through one site to another, you have works to do but don't feel like doing it, you just click and click and click aimlessly, typing "Hi"s to people you don't know over the Yahoo Messenger and hope that you will get a reply and you can establish contact with someone because everyday you wake up you find that there's nothing in your Hotmail inbox. But often, just too often, there's no reply because they think you're just another frigging pervert looking for nothing but cybersex! And even though someone does reply and you have a fabulous time chatting with the person of the opposite of sex, when you turn off the computer, switch off the light, lying on the bed, you couldn't help staring at the dark room with dilated pupils.

Give in now, don't think. Life's easier when one's ignorant. We all are. However, life is no easier... So, in the end, are we not ignorant enough? Or we are just too innocent?

27 March 2005

The Unstable Link of Modern Life

Quite often I found my thoughts drifted back to the idea of the fragility of the human connection, especially if they live in different parts of the world. It's not uncommon that we travel and live abroad these days, and when we go home, all we have is the thin telephone line that connects us to the internet, to one another. Then if something happened (apply whatever scenario you prefer here) on one end, it's very likely that the other end will never know about it and still wondering what the hell is going on? Why doesn't he reply to my letters? Is he faux?

That's one of the reasons why I started up this blog. Then when I am not updating it for sometime, they will know something happened. And it will not be left undone.