22 June 2007

What if this is as good as it gets

What's so incredible about your life so far is the fact that you only fall for those that will send you back into the self-pitying hole from where you've just managed to dig yourself out. Of course it's no comparison to the sufferings in, say, Darfur or Iraq, but it's just so fucking frustrating. Knowing that someone's dying of hunger, diseases, bomb attacks, or whatever somewhere in the world right now does little to help you feel a little bit better.

The outside world ceased to exist and a wave of tiredness rise up and enwrap you and you can only hear the music of sighing. It's pathetic, you know it, but you're helpless when frustration gets to you. Then you see that it's more convenient to blame the society, the world, life itself, and with every disappointment you become more and more cynical, and it goes on like a perfect circle.

You see a cockroach on the darkened floor, scuttling hurriedly to safety as you draw closer, and you think to yourself how easily you can squash that tenebrous piece of shit, no effort at all. In fact, all you have to do is to just lift your leg somewhat, reposition it, lower it and the bottom of your shoe will be juicy with roach rest. It's that simple. But in reality, you're no more robust than that piece of shit and someday you'll be the juice under somebody's boots, or probably, your own.

19 June 2007

Cluttered Space

The act of navigating through the WWW is no longer suitable to be described as something as exciting and enjoyable as surfing, but rather as being stuck in the traffic jam. This is what I don't get - is it so much better to squeeze all that irrelevant informations into a single page?

Here at the uni we have like 2 glassfibre connections, 9 ADSL and VDSL (abbreviations for FAST, other than that, Google will appease to all your inquiry needs) and still sometimes I'm witnessing less than satisfactory pageloading performances.

While back home we have only 56k dial-up.

So these couple of days, to make the most out of the annual Dragon Boat Festival, I was back home watching the telly and playing computer games for days on end. However, as you may well know, nothing good lasts forever, my gamepad-grasping paradise was then relentlessly shattered when I switched the modem on and wait for the dialing shriek to die down. What followed was worthy of death penalty, or any of the cruelest form of "twist-and-turn"s ever devised by man - it took literally ages to open just one blog.

So what's wrong with blogs? You might ask. Well, nothing's wrong of course, it's your personal page and you're entitled to do whatever you please with it. But, I just have enough with those that force you to listen to songs and whatever else when you just want to see whether it's been updated. Besides, these pages look utterly ugly, not at all user-friendly, unaesthetically designed, or perhaps made with cunning criminal intents conceived to fill you with rage.

Firefox crashs quite often when I open them all in tabs, looks like it can't stand it either.