27 October 2005

Nightmare Before Christmas

How could a day be so long? An afternoon, an hour, even just a minute seems to extends to the far end of the horizon and beyond the reach of the eyes. Rehearsing the whole repertoire in the head over and over again, the gift on the table waiting for the upcoming event.

Can't put his mind into the books that he was supposed to read, opted for the internet, searching without any hope but with a goal. Like he had knew it all along and yet unexpectedly the man came upon what he was looking for. She. Like an archeologist who bumps into the long buried civilization, he clicks and clicks fervently one after another, yet the mighty green-eyed monster breached the high wall of the castle and reigned supreme. He looked at them in the pictures and a fit of seizure striked him. He sat there, hunched, looking at the photos, what he had lost, he felt as if someone had burst into the room and pointed a gun at his head, and fired, yet he didn't have the energy to fight back.

Time passed and he grew more impatient, he had the informations he needed, and now it was only the matter of when left to be decided. He then thought of her and with that thought the pumping of blood quickened by an disproportioned rate.

So he pulled himself together and executed the phonecall and with the fast sinking of the heart he was made aware that the hard-earned piece of information rendered no effect at all. He was transported back to the beginning, surveiling, theorizing, rehearsing and suspiring.

21 October 2005

One Ring to Piss Them off

Recently I find myself appreciating more and more the art and fun of cooking, reading and hunting down recipes from around the world. During my ongoing quest for the invaluable and exotic concoctions I came upon one so simple and explosive that with all the love of my soul I am sure that it would appease to the appetites of all.

The precious formula was sent to me via the cellphone by some parties that addressed themselves by the term "friends"- to protect their privacy it's of utmost urgeny not to disclose their true identities, also to avoid possible future problems, but we could very well call them D and A- and I found it truely well designed and highly effective. About its royal pedigree I have not the slightest doubt in my mind and I am fully convinced that apart from being regal, it must sprang up from a master's ingenious encephalon. Now, with a humble heart, I present it to you,

1. Turn on your cellphone (if it's already on then proceed to Number 2).
2. Select one contact from your phonebook.
3. Dial that number and listen with your full attention (to ensure the successfulness of the procedure, turn off the music, crouch down in a corner and firmly press the cell against your ear with all your might).
4. At the first blast of the ring, hang up immediately.
5. Let it cool down for 15 to 20 seconds.
6. Repeat the stated instructions (Number 2 to 5) a couple of times.


Oh, one more thing, since its origin is already impossible to trace please have no fear in distributing this majestic masterpiece for the well-being and happiness of all mankind.

Upwardly yours,
Bob Thingummy

15 October 2005

Plain Pleasure

In the midst of yet another cycle of "state of nothingness", it's not sad nor joyous, but plain nothing. Don't feel anything, don't have the energy, to do anything. It's the kind of mood that makes one feels like he is decaying, deteriorating little by little, undermined by the invisible termite.

It's been like this for days already.

Left the library quite early tonight, read for a while back in my room, but didn't really have the will to continue, watched the TV for a while then it suddenly came to me that the schinken Juan gave me was still in the fridge and will expire on the 23rd of this month. So reluctantly I cut the package open and mowed that chunk of meat down to slices. Then something incredible happened- that I thoroughly enjoyed the process of dissecting it. It took me quite a while and during the whole time I was absorbed in the delicate work and the taking care of the leftovers (into my mouth, of course).

Now the work is done, with slices of ham in one hand and beer the other plus the pictures from Salamanca, boy, what a weird combination is it! But I surely feel something now.

10 October 2005

Questo, questo... questo è storia?

I was in the uni library reading my book and came upon this phrase "Dora was filled with admiration for her strongminded capable brother who had even engaged beforehand two cheap single rooms for the night"

Then I thought of Althea and the hotel that we stayed in Madrid. That night the city's streets seemed particularly warm and colourful than anywhere else. It was then that I felt that it was possible to live happily in such a big city, regardless of Reina Sofia being closed.

She guessed and suggested that it was from another lifetime.

03 October 2005

Reverie Collides

It's curious when you know, or at least you think so, from the meticulous, well hidden, careful observation of her every action and expression plus years of experience traded by unanswered passion, that you're without hope and yet you don't have the urge to put a bullet through the brain or, less destructively, to send the door flying down that corridor with the sole of your shoe powered by the great roar emitting from deep down the guts. But you do are dying to scream down the street on your motorcycle jumping up and down because of flying past every undulations on the road or to get drunk or something, something that you normally don’t do.

Is it a kind of relief? Knowing that you can be spared the pain of this bloody farce of guessing and not-eating-nor-doing-anything once more so that your life can get back on to the right track, the good old times? Or is it that you're too disappointed that your mind respond the other way around as a defense mechanism so that your folks won't be seen on TV lying on the floor and you that will not bring disgrace to the family that has been so decent and respectable and all that? Jeez, now why the fuck my msn messenger's keep disconnecting! Can't you just give me some fucking peace of mind!! Anyway, like I was saying, it's curious. While at the same time you're still devicing ways and means of getting you two closer, still think that there will be some arrow shooting out from nowhere and then she will see you.

You've been thinking about pulling her to the side and tell her right in the face, to ruin everything in exchange for that short moment of thrill and the inevitable sorrow that will follow. And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor/Shall be lifted-nevermore! However, you just can't do it because everytime you're sitting next to her (well, not right next, but in the same place) you feel good, you can feel the smile on your face, the damn twitch of muscle that is impossible to suppress, the good mood that was nowhere to be found and her voice, a look of the eyes and every movement enchants you and the last thing you want her to go through is sadness. So you renounce your prior thoughts and bear it upon yourself.