29 August 2006


I was just thinking will there be like computers without monitors in the future? Conventional monitors be replaced by some device devised to project the datas into the part of your brain responsible for producing images thereby accomplishing the same effect?

This reminds me of the trend that seems to be the norm these days, the growing flow of datas from every outlet possible, you see it on TV, the whole screen is occupied by cute little columns with alphabets dashing from one side to the other like athletes in the Olympics. The Mindvision™ should be a great ally to this since the datas don't have to go through the incredibly limited eyes instead they contact directly with your brain so there should be no traffic regarding bandwidth and there should be no drag, which means it would be all the more simultaneous and you can receive hundreds of thousands of datas in the same time, that is to say you can be watching the World Cup, the world première of Mission Impossible 100, the NBA finals and tons of other programs with your eyes closed, sleeping on your comfy bed in the air-conditioned room.

You'll never miss another episode! No more need for recorders because Mindvision™ will allocate one teeny part of your brain to store all these datas which also means that all forms of publishing will be abolished, CDs, DVDs, radios, TVs, books, etc., etc., etc. which in turn spells paradise for the environmentalists becasue all these resources will be spared therefore no eco systems will be destroyed and no factories are needed thus fewer pollutions and nobody becomes history. Only downside is that Mindvision™ does not come with a light price tag.

20 August 2006

On Faith and Something Else

Sometimes I find it difficult for me to think of the possibilities that a person should say what he believes in,... no, I rephrase, that a person to think that he believes in what he believes he believes in. Reason behind this is quite simple: how do you know what is it that you truely believe in and not just legacy of the collective knowledge or something else?

The victim for today's blunt libel is religious faith, the thing is that you can't prove or disprove anything, you can't show that god or transmigration of the soul does exist or just pure fantasy, of course, there're are lots of books out there as testimonies to their existences, but they're just anecdotes, good for telling the kids and killing time, but not suitable to be taken as the truth despite how scientifically testified claimed by some.

They try to convert me into a christian and it's just impossible, I'm not going to be a follower to a certain religious faith if I don't feel it myself. I really don't understand why they're so eager and preoccupied in absorbing new members. Yeah, spreading the good news I know, but if I don't truely believe it and yet say I do and get baptised, will that bring me salvation? Or am I just a irresponsible hypocrite and coward worrying that I might go to hell so want to hitch a ride onto the stairway to heaven to get my candies?

So many people say that they believe in god or past lives or whatever, but do they? Do they truely believe in what they're talking about or are they just reading out loud what they've been told since they were little and thus mistakenly think that's what they believe in? Same with the ideologies and everything else on earth.

No wonder Thales said that it's difficult to know thyself. Are you really what and who you think you're? And then again, according to Buddha, the enlightened one, there is no self.

07 August 2006


the end of the second year in grade school I thought the day had finally come that I had no more classes, having no knowledge of the imminent job opportunity too good to turn a blank eye on. It pays well which means I will not have to worry about not having enough fund to power my Eurasia tour due 2009 or 2010, depends on when I finished my thesis. And it gives me a safe place to store my bike in the campus: my cubicle in the office de la fac. Another big reason why I took the job was that I just love being in the uni.

Like I said the job pays well because it's full-time which translates into 8 to 5, Monday to Friday, August to July. Parts of the administration responsibilities land onto my newly acquired desk, never thought I would do administration, always thought it boring and meaningless, but well, guess that's just something you'll have to live with, compromises, you just can't have everything. Another thing about this job is that I'm having the position Magdalena used to had when I first got into the uni six years ago - giving auditory classes for freshmen and sophomores which, to be honest, worries me a bit because even though I'm a life long student, I've never been on the opposite side of the classroom so I'm not exactly sure what the hell I'm going to say, but I guess you just need time and experience with things like this. Should not be a big problem.

The wannabe problem is my thesis, it's very likely that I'm not going to finish it by the end of next year because I know myself pretty well that I'm easily distracted and not really good at time management (like now for example? when I should be studying instead of staring into the computer screen? But well, blogging is an exception because here I can have "conversations" which I don't have in my real life). I just had another look into my cell contacts and it counts 171, but still I don't see anyone that I really want to talk to except for my folks (though I never called them in such circumstances).