26 March 2008

How to Recognize a Caveman

This task is by no means anywhere near something that would bring the slightest meaning of the adjective "difficult" to any logical mind at all. We can affirm with all certainty that the Olympics chief Cunt Jacques Rogge is a caveman. The proof came out of his very mouth, on the 24th of March 2008, in Olympia. The following is a faithful reproduction of a fragment of what he'd said (scroll down to look for the link to the full speech): "the Olympic Torch Relay and the Olympic Games must take place in a peaceful environment." Two possible explanations to this remark exist, the first is that this man is blind, and the second is that he dwells in a cave. Well, we know his eyes are functioning for sure.

23 March 2008


Sometimes I really do envy the Palestinians (or anyone in a similar situation for that matter), not for their current political situation nor the disastrous living conditions, but for their recognition of themselves as Palestinians.

Democracy is but a bloody farce when the populace is a brain-washed, slogan following mob. Are you aware that our gravestones were carved on the 22nd of March when your ballot was cast?


My civil communicating ability was temporarily shut down and I was left with groaning while listening to my old man on the other side of the line giving me instructions on what to do once I finished my errand. I suppose I was furious because he made me felt like a kid, and maybe because upon my return I would then be forced to act contrary to my normal behaviour and that would make me feel awkward or perhaps embarrassed even. This got exacerbated by the thought that it will be the pattern that I'll probably be following for the years to come, perhaps because that's how the world is in this part of the world (I can only attest for how it works in here, since I don't know much outside it). A game of interpersonal relationships, an age-old tradition. And maybe I was angry because I suddenly realized that I found myself couldn't agree more to what he was saying, but did in fact failed to realized that by myself and thus had to be "reminded" only now, I was, I suppose that was how I felt, humiliated, a miscalculation too great for my ego.

I've become quite complacent over the years, wielding my knowledge as a leverage control and got myself elevated to the high places. A lesson was placed upon me, and I didn't fancy much the taste of it. I've acquired the habit of holding myself in some pretty damn high esteem. Who am I after all? The profes love me for my thoughts and words, the colleagues and students love my for my professional knowledge (well, they always over-estimated me, all I've got is bluffing) and witty words, and I was foolish enough to fall for all that, and mostly importantly, to be conceited by myself and my vanity, I wanted myself to believe in what I made them think of what I was. I remember reading someone somewhere saying that it was like some kind of inferior complex... fuck, now I have a sodding complex! And I thought I was so sane!

I thought I was going to read Pamuk's The White Castle, but instead I am lying on my sister's sofa penning down these words on the notepad that I carry with me anywhere I go. I'm just about one third into the book, but I thought it was interesting so far. So after "talking" to my old man (it was he who was doing all the talking, I was responsible for the groaning-back part), I fetched it and thought I was going to read it, but in the end I chose to sit and write. Why am I writing anyway? What's so cool about it? Is it more interesting than the story of the Hoja and the young Italian scholar who became a slave? I often ask myself why do I write and why the things I choose to write about. Sometimes the answer it to improve my writing, but I know (at least I think I know, I'm a skeptical, you know) that I do it because I have to, I need it to clear my thoughts which are entangled a good deal of the time and free myself from the demons which are myself. Man needs and outlet, and so far writing is mine. Does that mean I'm a lonely person? Well, fuck, we're not so pathetic yet as to be needing it to tell us. We simply are lonely! But, is this a lonely man's prerogative? Will I stop doing it, I mean reflecting, should we one day wake up to find that we're no longer lonely?

17 March 2008

They Do Can Control Human Mind

While China is saying that the death toll so far is only 10, the reports from the other sources like the New York Times tells us that the actual number is at least 8 fold. China, synonymous with bad quality, poisonous stuff, totalitarian government, zero human rights, minus zero news transparency and rampant official sanctioned piracy, has quite a surprisingly large gathering of sympathizers, well, we can surely understand if that's from another totalitarian regime, but it would surely be puzzling if they should come from a country whose existence is being threatened by China all the time.

No, I just can't possibly figure out how could there be anyone, I mean anyone at all, in Taiwan that's pro-China, are you so fucking blind? Have you been living in a sodding cave since the day your mama gave birth to you? Or are you so goddamn retarded that you don't see that your country is on the verge of extinction courtesy of the China that you love so much? Soon your rights will be ripped away, just the way you've always wanted I'm sure. How can you not see China's ceaseless effort at wiping you off the world map, at seizing every opportunity they have, let it be diplomatic, academic, commercial or athletic? And then they say don't mix sports events with politics, how ironic, but that's exactly what they're good at.

Dalai Lama said that they cannot control human mind, but allow me to correct him - they do control human mind. Here I must congradualate the KMT, China's sidekick, for having done such an awesome job at turning people into walking moronic dimwits who can be so gullible as to believe all their flagrant lies and ignore the oh so obvious contradictions in their words, who are so brain-dead to even consider China as the big brother that will take good care of you, to consider China as the mother land (traitors), to consider China as the greatest country on earth, when it's going to be, in fact, the biggest dickhead in the near future. China doesn't even have to launch an attack on Taiwan to take over it, economic dependence alone would do the trick. It's a more economical option anyway, and one that won't be met with too much obstacles.

10 March 2008

The Dark Seed

This woman, who wore an expression not unlike the one when a writer penned down the last letter to his masterpiece would find it hard to suppress, stood in her backyard next to the railroad with her baby, I suppose, in her arms came into view. She swayed gently and talked to the infant in such a way as if she was doing it an introduction to the train that pulled out of the station.

I suppose that if I had snatched that moment with my seldom used camera it would be a hell of a picture, one that's worthy to be put on the desktop as a remainder of the love that exists and surrounds us, of something worth fighting for. I also suppose that everyone is doing precisely the same thing, conscious or unconsciously, which ironically produces, or takes a part in its making, something called conflicts.

Ironic, eh? The child of love is conflict, this is where the arithmetic fails to reflect the reality, it's but abstraction. One plus one equals two, but love plus love equals not greater love but conflicts which in turn bring about destruction, death and the negation of love itself. Lives are ruined, hearts grow weary and peace is unattainable for everyone is dead focused on giving the best to their loved ones, or sometimes just the minimum survival. Again, we see that 1 the best for the loved ones plus 1 the best for the loved ones equals not 2 bests for the loved ones, but conflict, a struggle to get the upper hand so mine gets the best or gets to live. Well, we're not saying that there's anything wrong with fighting with your kids or whoever on your mind, hey we're all just doing it! but just that this alone attains not peace.

07 March 2008

Hey Jude

Well, I just rang earlier to see how was her mom, who had an accident a couple of days ago, some kid on a scotter hit her from behind on the red light, and I was told that she died 2 days ago. Of course, it's not the first time someone died, but the feeling remains weird, gone out of existence just like that. I've been thinking about it again, well, it's always there on my mind, just that recently the frequency of its waves is on the rise.

Prior to the phone call I was on the fifth floor of the library, sitting next to the window with the sun infiltrating through the glass in a luminious yet not intrusive way, it was around a quarter to 4. The place was spacious and warm, it was cozy, my books and papers littered across the round table as I was the only master commanding it.

This question about "what's the point?", as you may very well have noticed in my earlier entries, has been one of the centre of focuses; this futility of being, this if we should return to a state of nothingness, which shouldn't be even called a "state" because being non-existent is not existing at all, is not occupying any unit whatsoever in the universe, is simply not there, and since this supposed "it" is not even there, how shoud "its" state be? to which "it" are we referring to exactly? that which is not there? which is that which? Anyway, it's a sodding dead end, man has been asking this same question since the dawn of History and still he cannot come up with a satisfactory answer, one that puts his mind to rest in peace. He has so far failed in his attempt, it's futile, and not going anywhere but to embitter onself, yes! embitter oneself! Despite the fact that I knew it all along, I didn't quite realized that what I've been doing was assassinating myself!

So with this not so novel realization came two choices, I could either go on like this for the rest of my life, or I could let go and enjoy my life (well, it's not that you can tell from the appearances, but appearances hardly matter). By "let go" of coure I'm not insinuating giving up completely of pondering on it or doing something so totally stupid that puts my very existence on the verge of extinction, on the contrary, I know I'll keep thinking abou it, that is something which is still beyond my power to change, but it should not prevent me from enjoying my life.