28 September 2006

Milky Way

Stayed in the office till like 1930 preparing for the class at 0810 the next day. Quite a lot of actions out there in the dark, cheering cries of the freshmen and other gatherings of the lot, but before long they left and all was quite, just coolness, the sound recording and me scribbling away.

So I walked down the dimly lit pathway, safely hidden away from the scorching sun of the day and came home to find the reminder of the Milky Way which I found in the land down there.

20 September 2006


They saw me and said that I looked worse physically everyday (they've been saying that for only god knows how long) and urged me to take some vitamin pills on a reguar basis and backing their statement up with some medical report shit.

So I snapped their argument in half, without any courtesy at all, because I'd had enough with this sort of shit, that there were 24 hours a day, no more no less, no matter how you use it, and I wasn't going to allocate that time and money to some pills and reading magazines that will make my life more difficult worrying about this and that, get trapped instead of a life. I had something better to do to enjoy my ephemeral existence on earth.

They pissed me off greatly because this whole culture of health food fetish disgusted me beyond words. And, by the way, I feel better now than before because I lead a life with a much more regular schedule, I'm yes physically busier, but I'm happier.

16 September 2006

On Bias

Beware - don't look at just one side when you cross the road.

09 September 2006


So today I went to see the doc, nothing serious, just routine you know, well, the appointment was supposed to be 5 days ago, but these cats and dogs ambushed me when I was on the way to the hospital so, soaking wet, I turned back home fuelled by swearwords and reluctantly rescheduled it to today.

Today I set out for the rendezvous at twelve hundred hours and only 6 hours later was I able to leave the place fuelled by even more swearwords because I was planning to get home before dusk so that I could make dinner for my folks. So there I was sitting in the hospital besieged by the mob thinking what on earth are you doing here? you know, you have lots to do, preparing for your clases and working on the thesis. Miraculously, I had this book about death with me, but the atmosphere wasn't too ideal for some word processing so I went for a walk around the surrounding area, park, shops, etc. and returned after an hour and I was petrified to find out that time didn't even exist in the hospital! I started to calculate should I call it off again and go home now before it's too late? well, I can still take the bus if I should miss the train... yes, I suppose I could do that... So I decided to stay and after more escaping and petrifying I finally saw the doc himself and 5 minutes later I was back in the mob. Upon getting hold of my medication, I advanced towards the train station, fast and furiously.

Inside the wagon I made myself comfortable next to this nice looking girl and pull out my book, she was also having one on her laps. It was magical sensation when someone's hair tangoed with yours without actual skin contact. Then she got out her mp3 player and Tchaikovsky murmured at my ears- I coudn't believe it. It wasn't some cheesy pop music, but Tchaifuckingkovsky! Now that was a drop-dead gorgeous sheila. I asked her if she could played it again with me borrowing one of the earphones. So, sharing one earphones we immersed ourselves in bliss. After the piece was over I gave her back the half I borrowed, but she said we can keep listening together if you want, I don't mind.

Thank god almighty.

But almost ironically, the train pulled into the station accompanied by the last note of the Finale Allegro vivacissimo, prophesying what was about to happen. But she got out too! Crikey! I was looking at her from behind, not daring to take the next move, weighing the pros and cons and the percentages of a yes as each anxious step drew us closer to the deadly exit. And when I finally gathered enough balls, she was gone, out of sight, disappeared under the camouflage of the starless night.
Regrets, I have regrets. I regret that I didn't do anything tonight when she was still within reach.

I no longer resent the rain that stopped me, nor the crowd in the hospital, for they brought me to her.

But I regret knowing her and not doing anything, now that even if I want to I will never be able to. Nothing I can do will let me see her again. And it's unbearable.

The electricity and the pain. Do I regret ever meeting her? Would it turn out better if I never knew her at all?

No. It wouldn't. And I don't regret knowing her because I liked her company. I only regret not getting the most out of the time I was given. And I'll have to live with it till the memory of her finally fades out of mine, and be forgotten like a sun that will rise no more or the music that will be played nevermore.

05 September 2006

22 February 1962 – 4 September 2006

Steve Irwin died yesterday and I just can't believe it. His shows are among the few that I watched on the telly and truely enjoyed. What amazes me beyond comprehension amidst this cloud of sudden sad news is that some started to talk about politics, media manipulation and him being the disgrace to the ozzie populace, which, of course didn't come as a total surprise. Quoting Steve, "Crikey, mate. You’re far safer dealing with crocodiles and western diamondback rattlesnakes than the executives and the producers and all those sharks in the big MGM building."

The wild animals can kill you alright, but we can destroy your whole life's work and turn it into worthless shit with a slight and stylist flick of the fingers.

04 September 2006

On How to Spot Someone with Inherent Slave Attributes

Definition of someone with inherent slave attributes: less freedom is more and vice versa.

It's very simple with this spotting someone with inherent slave attributes thing. First, you observe how was his life before and after he got a job. Second, if he's happier now because he doesn't wake up at noon during weekdays no more then you just got yourself someone with inherent slave attributes.