14 August 2008


Let me tell you this: it's all about the appearances. Some fella showed the world what a dimwit he was by saying that China was a peaceful loving, tree-hugging country which maintained harmony with surrounding countries(!). He must've been living in a cave. Throughout the history of China we see a great abundance of examples of cruelties against one another and against one's own people. Examples of such merit not a mention here since you can come across plenty of them in any history books on China. This is a statement of facts (many times we need to seperate the actions of the government from its people, David Wallechinsky puts it well in How to Protest the Beijing Olympics).

The same applies to today's Chinese regime, it's anything but peace-loving. Deception is its best trick. If you think positioning a thousand missles in the east coast all directing towards Taiwan is a manifestation of the peaceful goodwill, then I really don't know how to define belligerent. Of course, this is the natural feeling of someone whose country is being threatened, and the world exists no justice at all. "Justice" exists only when 1) you're strong, and 2) you're of any meaningful use to the others. Shameful, but that's how it is. Like I've said only someone whose homeland is in danger will feel this way, people in the "free world" don't give a shit about this because Taiwan is too far away so they just don't feel it.

Deception. Lies. That was how the Communist Party of China (CPC) tricked the IOC (International Olympic Committee) into awarding her the grand prize of hosting the Games. The cases of violations to her promise to allow more freedom of speech out number the amount of existing planktons (another great achievement of the Chinese government), Tibet, Xinjiang and a long list of etceteras, just google them and you'll get more than what you bargain for, enough to keep you busy till London 2012 and beyond.

They do are good at faking things, aren't they? Fake tiger photos, fake journalistic photos of piegons which then won a prize, etc. etc. And today as usual we got some more coming in: fake ceremonial fireworks (which turned out to be CGI), and some Sleight of Voice according to the New York Times. Why would someone do such a thing then? The answer can't be any simpler and straightfoward - it looks good! It looks good, but in reality, there's no real substance to back up the pretty face, but it doesn't matter, because in the end what counts is what's on the surface and that is because that's what we see and believe and, most importantly, that's what we only care about.