25 June 2006

Will You Cry for Me if I died?

Two days ago(22) I was talking to a friend about going to see another friend who was in the hospital because of a car accident. Today(24) we went to the Intensive Care Unit to see the friend with whom I had the conversation precisely two days ago.

It happened at 0300 and 24 hours later he's still unconscious, they removed the tip of his skull so the increasing pressure inside his brain will not kill him. I didn't expect to see him like this. After I put the pink shirt on and passed through the second sliding door I saw a body breathing in time to one of the machines next to the bed. His eyes were open, but nothing excites the dead cells in the brain. I don't know if it was from the angle that I was looking at them, but they look sad, ultimately sad. A sadness I couldn't describe.

He's just 20 years old, I wondered if his family will regret ever letting him come all the way here to study and become a vegetable? But, what can we do about that? No one knows what's the shape of the next minute. At least he had already enjoyed his life so far, there're lots of people who have never enjoyed life. But it's a lame excuse, it doesn't justify the fact that he has to die this way or, if lucky, live out the rest of his life in such a state. Yes, you can say that he has brought joy to his parents with his company, but there must be a meaning behind all this. A meaning of the existence.