31 May 2009

Anxiety Quest

Much to his demise, our hero Lufu Sēoc finds himself once more in the midst of yet another situation which, according to his knowledge of the battlefield, might very well spell disaster. Despite being an experienced commander, our hero can't help but feeling a chill up his spine, and has fallen anew into a state of gaiety and anxiety.

What caught our hero off guard was how the situation was presented in such unforeseen circumstances, and with such great timing - right after Lufu Sēoc decided to put an end to a sentimental episode. But these preoccupy little our hero for he has far too greater task at hand to worry about these matters. He must devise a strategy to cope with this new menace. He must, since his life depends on it.

28 May 2009

Para Olvidarte de Mí

Sometimes your rationality is so that it surprises you, it's even frightening. But this rationality breaks down when the melody of a song hits you; when the moments of a time recorded on the sensitive unit in the camera reaches you. You explore their every detail as if trying to conjure up the past, and in the process reliving it, because you know all too well that it simply won't come back. These images are beautiful because the beauty of a landscape resides in its melancholy.

And some images are recorded only on your mind. This lack of physical recording somehow makes you sad, you're afraid that you will forget them, or that they will blur and fade into the shadow of the memory, not to be retrieved again.

These moments seem at the same time so close and yet so far away. The feeling this double quality carries tells you that for the years to come you will think of them, then sorrow will show and you'll miss these moments so terribly that you will feel as if you're about to be drown, yet you can't call out for help, for you don't know how. You know that when you go back home you probably will never be here again, you probably will never see her again. The nostalghia will swarm you with a desire to come back to search for traces of the past.

09 May 2009

Kakadu and Other Places in General

I've been in the hunt for a new digicam for the past 2 months. I have to admit that I've never been an aficionado in photography, and I'm only doing this beacuse my old Canon died of nature cause, and after going through some trips without being able to take pictures - agonizing that is - , and several reviews comparing different models and such, I've finally settled on one - the Canon G10.

I won't begin by telling you how good G10 is - that's not the purporse of this post - but rather that because of it I've found myself reading articles on photography, and that, surprisingly, it's not as painful as imagined. I'm spending time on having first contact with photography because I want to get more out of G10 than I normally do with cameras, and not doing so would be a real waste with such a fine machine.

It was around 1200 and I was finishing yet another article on G10, then I got linked to some bloke's page on Kakadu. In the steaming heat of the office under the midday sun I was quite excited to see familiar landscapes, and eagerly trying to find the places I'd been to, so I scrolled down and up with the flick of a finger, and when the quick dive to the bottom was over and the scroll bar slowly making its up up to the surface I had an urge to call you, to tell you how much I wanted to take you along with me to all these places.