27 September 2005

Turandot Variation

I have a headache that cannot be killed by Panadol, nor the Plus. It's the kind of migraine that makes one feel like crap, well, not exactly crap, but your whole body cannot find the source to extract the energy, well, not that you can't muster the energy but rather that when you're in that mood you don't want to, and there's only one thing on your mind that you know for sure, 100 percent, that is the cause yet somehow you're hesitant and don't know what to do, should you go ahead and take action or should you just let it go? It may seem stupid to do nothing despite the fact that you can pinpoint the intruder blindfolded, however there're things to consider.

Things to consider, things like the fact that you're in graduate school and busy as hell and can't really spend the time doing things other than studying and working, things like you instinctly know, from the experiences over the years, that you'll fail again, things like that you're 4 years older...things like...things like... However, you want to, it's irrational, but you just want it. Your troubleshooting apparatus breaks down and the tourblesome organ takes over. And you have a terrible headache that connot be cured by Panadol, nor the Plus.

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