10 September 2005


My old man scolded me for spending my whole summer vacation "fooling around while others were busy fighting hardly and decently for their future." While the same attitude was shared by relatives and other members of the family.

I didn't want to argue simply because I will never win because they are always "doing it for your own good, don't be such a brat, you should be grateful for that."

In Taiwanese and Mandarin when you ask someone if he had a good time travelling around you would naturally say "was it a good place to play?" (Translation mine, it's a compromise between the severals conjured up by my mind. (My sister wrote me the other day while I was on the road asking if "you have some funny?" At first I didn't understand what she was trying to say, then when I was walking on the street I suddenly realized that she was inquiring if I had a good time.) I've thought a lot about a more proper translation, but couldn't come up with a satisfying one. If you happen to know a better one let me know). Here in Taiwan (have to admit that I don't know what's the situation among other cultures) travelling equals playing, waste of time, an excuse for not working, and someone like that is to be rightfully regarded as indecent. If you want to be respected you need to have a job, and it's best to be a secured office job then you'll get all the respect you'll ever need for 100 lives. Can't really blame the people around me for having that attitude, they are simply following the invisible guideline of the culture. You can't really blame someone who don't know what they are doing.


I need to get out of here. Can't live with that my whole life.


Rita said...

you're so god damn right about the "job" thing.

Rita said...

you're so god damn right about the "job" thing.

Schuma said...

We are soldiers in the field.