19 December 2005

Bunch of Cards

I've just finished reading today's share of Don Quijote and decided that it was time that I wrote the Christmas cards which I bought over two weeks ago. Was thinking about writing them the day I bought them, but somehow reality just had that something that let me forgot about their existence, even though they were just within elbow's reach.

Anyway, so my elbow did reach out and grabbed that bunch. It was around 2330 and I was having this idea of finishing them within an hour or two, all with the same contents and exclamation marks, just changing the names like what you would do with your emails, yeah, I know, don't even try to deny, we're all the same buddy. But just as I elaborated my way into the fifth card, I knew something had gone horribly wrong because I wasn't following the template and the results are not excatly identical and, as a matter of fact, they don't even look close at all! Oh my, how come nothing ever works out just as I planned? The plight of man! Since Fate strikes down the strong man, everyone weep with me! Yeah.

So be it. At this point I was writing the card for Rebecca and it was not work at all, I was enjoying it, and I had this strange feeling around my neck and the whole body, the kind of feeling you have when you miss something or someone and it's mixed with a tinge of light sadness, nostalgia and the yearning that one day you'll see her again. Curiously, iTunes is playing Camas Vacias of Joaquín Sabina now. I do wonder sometimes does Party Shuffle really shuffle as it claims, or is it preprogrammed? When I finished the card I felt the warmth which is a really good feeling in a cold night like this, think I'm going to fix myself a cuppa which would make it even better.


Kelly said...

Hey man,
I can't live without your marvelous blog!

Schuma said...

Is that an euphemism for "I can't liiiive If living is without you oh oh I can't live I can't give anymooore I can't liiive If living is without you I can't giiiiive I can't give anymoooore"?

Leena said...

Haha! =)) Is that supposed to be a song?

Katrín said...

Haha!!! Just hilarious!

Schuma said...

My reliable source tells me that it's a song of Mariah SchuCarey.