25 December 2005

A Post on Thorn Tree

One post caught my attention recently, it's called Relationships on the road, it can be found under On Your Bike on lonelyplanet.com's forum.

I think it's interesting not only because my another job is cycle touring, but rather it asks several important questions which is the personal take on life, how you want it to be and what you're willing to sacrifice, etc. Well, you might also see other issues which might be equally important which I overlooked, in that case, just let me know.

The following is my reply to the original post, but I'm not quite satisfied with it, think there're something missing in it,

"Lifestyle, yes, you put it well, it's more than just a hobby.

I had similar concerns, at first I didn't allow feelings to mingle with my plans because I didn't want to live the kind of life that was not for me. But then I fell and then I thought I should follow my feelings instead of my plans. But then again, what are my true feelings? I don't know, that's the key, so I just let it be, if it's meant to be it will.

And it's about how one regards life, I can't really travel in other ways, just makes no sense to me. It's a delicate matter, when you're so sure that you love someone, probably some sacrifices will be made, maybe. It's curious that on the road I always see couples cycling together and I was the only one who was alone.

About relationships on the road, it's very difficult to say how long, I think it's a mutual thing, if the other one doesn't feel the same way, then it's over before one knows it. But I always manage to stay in touch because you never know what might turn out in the future, like buying lottries and even though you know that it's very likely that you're not going to win, but having that little excitement in life is good, adds some flavour to it."

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