21 March 2007

The Organ that Regenerates

Is liver, I had absolutely no idea of that, I thought it only existed in the movies and comic books, till I read about it earlier tonight. As if by magic, the liver actually grows back, you know from tiny little pathetic scrapes to a brand new one, one that is complete, you know a liver, in about a month's time. All I can say is magical.

In comparison, the heart is no match for its neighbour. It is a particularly weak organ under certain circumstances, and a very troublesome one. The causes of the wounds vary from mindless and unintentional jokes, a simple "no", a careless look, an indifferent attitude, to something unfathomable.

When parts of the heart got chipped away, gently or violently, it doesn't go back to its original shape or maintain its function, which is to pump blood into every corner of the body and keep the organism breathing. Instead, with every slash it bears it releases venom into the veins and these unwanted bitternesses stay in the tiniest of cells and accumulate. Accumulate, amass, gathering its force in the gloomy depth till that one day the whole body is so poisoned and the heart so laden with cuts and scars that it no longer bears resemblance of any kind to a heart. And then we can pronounce that the heart is broken or, dead.

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