27 October 2007


I couldn't fall asleep the other day, had absolutely no idea why really; I was sleepless again last night, this time the reason was not alien to me.

It was a mixed feeling which you are probably familiar with. It encapsulated both excitement and fear. You finally had a wonderful opportunity to actually get to know her, it has been quite a torture of not having any constructive means for doing so since you first saw her. But just like the nature of any hopes, it terrifies you for the other side of high hope is high casualty. You start to analyze again, yes, every single word, action and look.

The trembling text-messaging fingers are back, and the anxiety in between is once more so familiar. You need allies which can provide you with life-saving informations. You don't know how this will evolve, the only thing you're sure of is that you can't get her out of your mind.


blogagog said...

You are such an enigma, Schuma. I can't figure you out even slightly, and that makes you fascinating.

Your writing style is kind of dark, sometimes (like this time) creepy, but always mesmerizing. You need to write a book, my friend.

Schuma said...

That's a very kind compliment of yours, Kevin. Thank you.

But I'm not sure I quite get the creepy part, do you mind elaborate a bit more on that point, on why this post is creepy? I would really appreciate that. Always good to know something about oneself which one might not notice.

nunu said...

Love, actually is… … …
Poor Schuma!!!
Hey~ man~ Bear up, and go for it.
“it” means…… your thesis. jo-jo- ^_______^

blogagog said...

Schuma, I don't mean 'creepy' in the sense that many people use it. I mean 'creeping feeling that something is going on that is beyond my ability to understand'.

And "The trembling text-messaging fingers are back, and the anxiety in between is once more so familiar" is creepy! There's some kind of angst there that I just don't understand, but feel that I should. It's compelling.

I'm just an engineer, so I cannot hope to explain why your writing is intriguing. But perhaps it is because it first makes me think "what the hell is this guy talking about?" and then changes to "hmmm, I've felt that way before."

Just my opinion.